Whether it’s for the home or your business, we have the innovative and practical ideas to meet your specific needs. Our staff is experienced and we are glad to help you develop your ideas into something that suits you. Always modern and cutting-edge in our approach, we like to think outside the box to serve you better!

Information and Professional Advice

Not a big electrical or technological expert? Relax; we’ll take the time to explain things to you! Our experienced staff is on hand to discuss your project and advise you on the best equipment and fittings for the job.

We like to do it all for you! Trade Supplies PTE Limited can also recommend and provide builders and electrical contractors for your installation needs. No matter how big or small, we’ll make sure that everything is in place and in working order for you.

Design and Manufacture

Trade Supplies PTE Limited has its own in house design and manufacturing facilities. It is a product that we call “Solution in a box”. No matter how small or big your electrical project we can design and build a distribution or control product to suit your needs.

The beauty of this approach is that the product is built under closely supervised conditions working to the latest applicable standards which then allows the product to be installed with minimum disruption and minimum installation materials.

Examples of projects successfully completed in recent times:

  • Automated two air-conditioning units in a server room so that each air conditioner operates for 24 hours and then switches to the other air-conditioner. The system has an half hour overlap when both conditioners are working and a temperature sensor that sets off an alarm in the control room and the guard house should the room temperature rise above a setpoint.
  • The second air conditioner will automatically start in the event of an alarm allowingtime to investigate and rectify the problem without unacceptable temperature rises.
  • Designed and manufactured over 100 category three emergency stops for local food processor. These stops have indications as to their status on/off/tripped/fault; they have a monitoring relay to ensure the integrity of the electrical wiring, two contactors in series and a main isolator together with the requisite timers and relays.
  • Designed and manufactured a number of power distribution boards with additional controls built in to allow for night function, essential and non-essential circuits with status indicators.
  • Designed and manufactured main isolator connected with a generator circuit breaker to allow for both the mains and generator to trip in the event of a possible explosive mixture being detected in order to eliminate electrical switching being a potential ignition source.
  • Designed and built replacement AC motor control (and supply of motor) for an industrial ironing machine that had previously operated using a DC motor.
  • Designed and built an alarm system to monitor temperature and phase failure with status indicators, test and mute buttons.
  • Designed and built a services module inside a 20 foot container, comprising generator, watermakers, work bench, level controls on a sea water tank, potable water tank and high level potable water tank.